5.20.18 Hollywood Rapids at 14.5 Ft

The “I,” the “We” and the Soreness – Experiment at the Homestead

  Today, I love the feeling of sore muscles.  Sore muscles today means heavily used muscles yesterday. Something so physiologically heavy happened that my body continues to tell the story. I strut around with the soreness as with some invisible trophy of physical self achievement.  The inscription:  “Yesterday, I lived!”        Spiritual Scientist And [...]

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Pink Ribbons – Trouble for Larus Park

You don’t need to tell an arborist what a pink ribbon wrapped around a tree means. Rarely does it mean “This is a special tree,” or “this is the tree we want to keep.” Usually, a pink ribbon wrapped around a tree means “This is the one that’s in our way,” or “this is the one [...]

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In the beginning. . .

After a week-long vacation to the Outer Banks of the North Carolina coastline, the proper appreciation of a forest sunrise requires not only an ocular adjustment but a mental one as well.  The image of the Albemarle Sound softly dispersing the first light of early August dawn was somewhat burned or etched into my retinas.  Now, as [...]

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When the Wind Blows

I’ve known Andy Thompson since his RTD days, and when he launched Richmond Outside I eagerly offered myself to him as a “contributing arborist.” In the several subsequent years, I have, in fact, contributed various articles with trees as the focus, but often I have found myself equally inspired by our beautiful river, its influence [...]

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48 Hours

The current of life is unrelenting in an East Coast metropolis. Even as I vainly grasp for an isolated moment, the urgent flow pulls my attention downstream. In full servitude to the Western mind I’ve inherited, I become so focused on the flow, and the relationship between where I’ve been and where I’m going, that [...]

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Bad Fruit?

My daughters aren’t very young anymore.  Or maybe you wouldn’t agree. They can still tally their  earth years using the original abacus- human digits.  Shouldn’t one be considered young, you might contend, if in common American parlance that one is referred to as a “teenager?”  OK.  Conceded.  From the vantage of a fully earth-cultured adult, [...]

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